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Realtime GNSS PWV

Real-time GNSS PWV for GEONET   Hitz Logo


Current Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV)

GEONET PWV Radar Observation
Current GEONET PWV Analysis Rainfall
RTNet Derived PWV Precip from IMOC

PWV Regional Plots

PWV HokkaidoGEONET PWV Tohoku

GEONET PWV Kanto-Kansai

GEONET PWV Western JapanGEONET PWV Okinawa


RTNet/RTES based Real-time PWV System

RTNet Met V3

A single server can process 1,300 GEONET stations in Japan. The ZTD estimates have a latency of just a few seconds, and final PWV values and post-fit residual data are available within two minutes.