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Sub-Centimeter Standalone fully Kinematic Positioning


PPP positioning with ambiguity resolution (PPP-AR) can achieve sub-cm horizontal positioning results for fully kinematic receivers. Our software can be used as a server to generate the PPP-AR corrections and as a client to estimate position solutions. Both real-time and post-processing applications are supported. Some useful PPP-AR applications include: deformation monitoring, co-seismic motion monitoring, precise motion tracking on land, in the air and at sea. The primary benifit of PPP-AR over traditional RTK positioning is that it can achieve comparable accuracies but at distances of one thousand kilometers or more from the reference network.

PPP-AR with Fast Ambiguity Resolution

Typically PPP-AR requires 15-30 minutes before ambiguity resolution can be achieved. Faster ambiguity resolution (just a few minutes) can be achieved when information about the ionospheric and tropospheric delays are included in the PPP-AR correction streams. The primary advantage of the PPP-AR Fast is only one-way communication is required (network RTK requires 2-way communication). Similar to standard network RTK processing (see also RTRef), it only works for client stations inside or close to the server network.

For more details on PPP-AR accuracy and applications please see: Mervart et al., 2013 (ION GNSS+ 2013)

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