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Realtime Demonstration

Demonstration of Real-time GNSS Processing with RTNet



Slant Delay


Realtime Slant Tropospheric Delay

Precipitation Forecast


Precipitation in CONUS

Accumulated precipitation

for One Day (Forecast)



GNSS Processing / Products Links for Solutions

Numerical Weather Forecast System
Click for Weather, OFS Version 3
  OFS (Operational Forecast System)
Product of Gridded Weather Forecast 2D and 3D Plots of Weather Information
Cross-section plot, Product of CFW Cross-section plots for US and Eastern Aisa


Historical Results and Dataset

GNSS Processing / Products Links for Solutions
2011 Tohoku EQ 2011 Tohoku Earthquake

Top Page

Real-time Monitoring

Tsunami Buoy

5m Coseismic Motion

PPP Solution


Results and Data


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  • Setup GNSS processing system for small, regional, or global networks.
  • Setup Network RTK software in cloud system.
  • Provide PPP-AR correction data to clients.
  • Setup or provide point forecast system (numerical weather forecast system).