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2011 Tohoku Earthquake: Dataset

PPP Kinamatic Solution for the Great Tohoku Earthquake, M9.0
1Hz Post-processing with Global Satellite Clock Estimated with Real-time

April 5, 2011

1Hz GEONET data provided by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) via Nippon GPS Data Services Company (NGDS), were post-processed in real-time mode with realtime orbits and clock corrections from the VERIPOS/APEX global service. GPS Solutions' RTNet software was used for the PPP analysis and is also used for APEX service.


Download coordinate solution files (1Hz processing)

1Hz_2hr_files.tar (88MB), April 5, 2011

After downloading the tar file, please extract tar file with
"tar xvf 1Hz_2hr_files.tar".

Please read
for acknowledgements and description for publications with the data.

Any feedbacks such as publication information or new products beased on the solution (3D animation) are very welcome ( ).

Note: The time tag used in time-series is MJD (GPS time) as described in README file. You need to subtract 15 seconds to get UTC time (UTC = GPS time - 15 [sec]). (April 21, 2011)