Realtime GNSS PWV

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Current Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV)

GEONET PWV Radar Observation

Analysis Rainfall






(Left) Current PWV processed with RTnet   (Right) Precipitation from IMOC :




PWV Regional Plots

PWV HokkaidoGEONET PWV Tohoku

GEONET PWV Kanto-Kansai

GEONET PWV Western JapanGEONET PWV Okinawa


RTnet-based Real-time PWV Products

RTNet Met V3

RTES/RTNet-based real-time ZTD processing system. One server can handle 1,300 GEONET station in Japan. ZTD estimates are available within a few seconds, and final PWV producti and post-fit residual data is available in two minutes.